GB5OSO active for 50th Anniversary of Sputnik One launch 
John G7HIA, and Robert G8ATE will be using the special call sign GB5OSO to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of
the launch of the first earth orbiting satellite Sputnik One on the 4th October 1957 by the former USSR.
GB50SO will be on the air for a month starting on the 4th of October.
It is anticipated that all of the available analogue satellites will be used as time permits, but there will
certainly be a flurry of activity starting on the 4th October for the first few days, then at other times as and when.
A special QSL card will be available after the event, so shake the dust off your satellite gear and join in the fun!
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South African amateur radio club to celebrate launch of Sputnik 1
South Africa's Boland Amateur Radio Club will celebrate the launch of the world first satellite,
Sputnik 1, with a special event station operating from the satellite ground control centre of
the University of Stellenbosch over the weekend of 6 and 7 October.
Sputnik was the world's first satellite launched by the Russians 50 years ago on 4 October 1957.
South Africa's first satellite SunSat OSCAR 35 was launched on 23 February 1999, a few months
over 42 years later.
Both events were however significant. Sputnik 1 showed the world that the science fiction writings
of several authors were not so much fiction and SUNSAT showed what determination can achieve.
The station will be active on HF and VHF and use the callsign ZS50SPUT.
A commemorative QSL card will be mailed to all stations that send a confirmation to P O Box 273, Strand 7140.
Please enclose a DL size stamped self addressed envelope.
Members of the Boland Amateur Radio Club will be operating the special event station throughout October.
On the air with GB75PW
There are more opportunities coming up during October to work GB75PW - the special callsign issued 
to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Practical Wireless magazine.
On Friday 5th October, Rob Mannion, G3XFD, the editor of Practical Wireless and Tex Swann, G1TEX,
PW's Technical Editor, will be airing the GB75PW callsign at the Ribble Railway Museum, Preston.
They plan to be there all day, and will be operating mostly on 7 and 14 MHz.
On the Saturday 6th October, they'll be at the Rochdale QRP Convention - the last one to be held at
the Church where Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV is the vicar. George retires next year and the event is moving
to another venue.
This event takes place at St Aidan's Church, Sudden, Rochdale, Lancs. (On A664 Manchester road, 3 mins
from M62/J20). Web: http://www.gqrp.com
Later in the month, Rob Mannion and the GB75PW callsign travel north of the border to Scotland.
On Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th of October, GB75PW will be on the air on from the Kilmarnock
and Loudon Amateur Radio Club in Ayrshire.
Listen out for the callsign on 7 and 14MHz.
Rob is hoping to QSO with as many Practical Wireless readers as possible during the two day event.

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